For god.  With people.
on purpose.

Life is better with other people

Let's create a world where our shared experiences bring out the best in each of us.

Doing life with others.

God gave me this really unique opportunity to combine my love for fitness and Him through a youth group that connects me to people I normally wouldn't talk to. Through this group , He's pushing me to grow more as a believer and follower every week as I slowly figure things out.  
-Felice Mullinax
I’m very grateful to have found Life church where my past doesn’t matter and there is love, support, and
acceptance for me despite being “washed out” of vocational ministry.  I feel confident and secure here as people reach out and support me in many ways.
 -Ricardo Mullinax
I have met with so many people who now are great friends. I feel since I have Jesus in my heart and life I have changed totally.
 -  Mikey Fishbaugh

Life Church is a place where people can meet Jesus, engage in life-giving community, and everyone is welcome. We believe in creating a space where people can have authentic encounters with Christ, discover their gifts, and use them for God's glory.

What you can expect

A friendly face to greet you

A place where meeting people seems easier than you can imagine

People ready to help you find your place 

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