Bring on Spring Fundraising Campaign

Champs Academy is a business for mission for Life Church. We are seeking support of our mission with participation and donations.
This TWO-PERSON team workout is for any ability. We are adding equipment and are looking to raise funds to help with our purchases.
To participate in the event the cost is $50 per team
Heats: start at 9:00 am and will run back to back.
We will offer intermediate, novice and masters. Anyone is welcome and invite your friends and family.  This is not for the pure RX or fire breather.  There will be no prizes. We are gathering to support Champs and have fun!
You will select your division when registering. Weight variations will be recommended but you are able to choose your own weight. 

WOD #1 

Karen meets Annie
15-Minute Time Cap
PART 1:  
- Wall balls
- Single Unders or Jumping Jacks
- Sit-ups
Athletes may swap in any time. Split the work up anyway you want.
Wall Ball Variations:
MI – 20#/10’
FI/FN – 14#/9’
MN – 14#/10’
MM/FM – 10#/6'a
If the team completes Part 1 before the time cap they will begin Part 2
In the Remaining Time
- Maximum Front Squats
Front-Squat Recommendations:
MI – 95#
FI/MN 65#
MM/FN/FM –participant chooses weight

WOD #4

Win, Lose, or Draw
You'll find out the day of! 

WOD #2

Benches Gone Wild
6-Minute Time Cap
Max bench press
You and your partner have 6 minutes to find your one rep max.

WOD #3

Up and Over
10-Minute Time Cap
1 box steps   + 1 power clean
2 box steps + 2 power cleans
3 box steps + 3 power cleans
   5 synchro burpees over bar
4 box steps + 4 power cleans
5 box steps + 5 power cleans
6 box steps + 6 power cleans
  5 synchro burpees over bar
Continue this pattern...

Clean Recommendations::
 MI – 125#
FI/MN 75#
MM/FN/FM –participant chooses weight
Boxes: 20" or participant can choose

Partners can either complete box steps or jumps.  You do not have to perform the same movement. Hips must be extended at the top of the box. One partner works at a time, each completing the round. For the synchro burpees, partners must be on the ground at the same time before moving over the bar.